purpose of a “links” section in a photographer’s
web page should be a helpful guide for visitors. A lof of people have stopped providing links as it is work keeping them up-to-date as vendors change and products used evolve.I have recently gone through the list and made it reasonable current.


Other web site resources

Lighthouse web sites

Places to purchase equipment

Software and other computer links

Wildlife, nature and travel web sites


Magazines and publications
related web sites
organizations and professional sites


• Canon USA EOS web page:

• Mamiya:

• Phase One:

…Although I use the 5D Mark II for most of my shooting, the Phase One P45+ produces excellent results and I will use it on a lot of my shoots were image quality is parimount. This back, mounted on the new Phase One body (Mamiya AFD III) is an excellent combination with produces maximum results.

• Metz flash systems:


• Digital Camera Battery:

(I cannot say enough good things about their batteries.)


• Quantum Instruments:

• Gitzo Tripods:

(The Mountaineer carbon fiber tripods are
still my favorite)

• Really Right Stuff Ball

The best selection in ball heads, particularly when considering weight.

• Arca Swiss Ball Heads:
(No web site at this time)

(Although I continue to use my Arca Swiss Ball Heads, I have begun to move to the Really Right Stuff Ball heads where weight is a factor. Their stuff is first class and one should consider using their ASII clamp)


• Wimberly Gimbal-type Ball

(For long lenses)

• Really Right Stuff quick
release plates, etc:

• Kirk Photo quick release
plates, etc:


• B + W filters:

(My choice of filters, particularly color
compensation filters)

• Singh-Ray filters:

(Expensive, but the best graduated neutral
density filters one can buy)

• Pelican cases:

(It is virtually impossible to go anywhere
without one of these cases.)


• Lowepro:

(I have never found any manufacturer of camera bags acceptable and continue to purchase outdoor packs from Marmot and REI and convert them into camera bags. The one exception is the Lowepro Pro Trekker for
long lenses.)


• Epson Printers:


• Lighting Trigger:

…Invaluable for those trying to capture
daylight lighting


•RawWorkflow White Balancing Cards,

…The white balance cards that travel
with me always.


•RawWorkflow LensAline Pro:

…Michael Tapes latest product to help photographers make sure their latest camera bodies have a correct focus point. The latest Canon, Nikon, Sony and Pentax bodies have miro adjustments which allow the bodies to be calibrated. A must have for making these adjustments.


• Pocket Wizard:

Places to purchase equipment

• B&H Photo Video and Pro Audio:

• Glazer’s
Camera Supply:

• Adorama:

• Pro Photo Supply:


An alphabetical
of the
lions of Nature Photograph. Their work goes beyond just being just
excellent images, but it has an artistic quality that
requires study and understanding.

• Mr. Jim Brandenburg:


• Mr. Frans Lanting:


• Mr. Arthur Morris:

• Mr. John Shaw:

• Mr. Art Wolfe:

Photography Related web sites

Photographers need a place to check
on equipment updates, software releases and computer related items.
I rely on a couple of sites to keep me informed. I am sure there are
other excellent sites out there but these are the ones I use
and recommend.

• Rob Galbraith Digital Photography

•Digital Outback Photo:

…A lot of interesting stuff.

•The Luminous Landscape:

…An excellent site with a lot of instructional material.

•PDN, Photo District News:

…An place with great material for all things photography.

• Digital Photography Review:

…A great place for hardware

Other web site resources

• Cambridge in Colour:

…A top
notch source for tutorials on photography. One will find information not covered in other web tutorial instructions. For example, Sean McHugh discussion of “understanding Diffraction: Pixel Size, Aperture and Airy Disk” is important for all photographers to read in keeping with their understanding of Depth of Field.

• Mountain Light Gallery
of Galen and Barbara Rowell:

….Books, inspiration and photo

• Seth Resnick Photography:

• Ms. Jan Allinder’s
Lucid Images Wildlife Photography web site:

• Mr. Moose Peterson’s Wildlife Research web site:
• The Controlled Vocabulary web

…An invaluable resource for keywording images. One should also become a member of the Forum.

• SportsShooter:


• Norman Koren’s web

…He has a lot of interesting
information as well as being an excellent photographer.

Software and other Computer links

There is a lot of available good
software in the market place to help and assist photographers
whether they shot digital or film. The ones that I list are
the ones I use after buying a lot of software. Again, I am
not claiming them to be the best, they are the ones I use.

•Adobe’s Lightroom:

…Probably the only major piece of software most individuals will neet for managing and editing their pictures.
•Canon’s Digital Photo Professional:

“Good efficient software for Canon raw files. For me, I have trouble with sharpness and exposure control.
•Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Software:

• Photo Mechanic by Camera Bits:

….My choice for adding IPTC Keywording data, good all around image browser software and IPTC editor.

• Nik Software:

…All of their software is great. I use their Color Efex Pro, Viveza and their Silver Efex Pro. The Silver Efex Pro is just great for converting color digital images to black and white

•Genuine Fractals now owned by OnOne:
…My choice for a software program to enlarge an image.

• Thumbs Plus, Cerious Software:

• DigitalPro:

…Great image management software
for the Nikon and Canon shooters.

• Imageprint Software for
the Epson printers, ColorByte Software:

• PTGui:

…My choice for panoramic stitching software. Inexpensive and it works really well

•Exposure2 from Alien Skin Software:

Magazines and Publications


• Nature Photography Magazine:

…Excellent magazine

• Nature Photographers Online

• The Royal Photography Society:

• Apogee Photo Online Magazine:

• National Geographic Magazine:

Photography organizations and Professional


• North American Nature
Photography Association (NANPA):

• Picture Archive Counsel
of America (PACA):

• American Society of Media
Photographers (ASMP):

• National Press Photographers
Association (NPPA):

Lighthouse Web Sites


• The Lighthouse Directory:

…All kinds of interesting links

• The Webs Virtual Library
of World Lighthouses, Lightships and Lifesaving stations:

• Lighthouses to Visit by
the National Park Service:

• The Lighthouses of British

• Lighthouse Gateway:

• Lighthouse Friends:

• Lighthouses, Lightships
and Aids to Navigation by the U.S. Coastguard:

• Lighthouses Worldwide:

• Maritime Heritage by the
National Park Service:


• The U.S. Lighthouse Society
and Keepers Log Magazine:

• Lighthouse Depot:

• The American Lighthouse

• The top 25 Lighthouse Web

Wildlife, nature and travel web sites


• All about Birds, Cornel
Lab of Ornithology:


• Hummingbirds Net:


• National Wildlife Federation:

• National Park Service:

• Frogs on Exploratorium:


• Ducks Unlimited:


• NatureServe, a network
connecting science with conservation:




• National Audubon Society:


• The Nature Conservancy:

• The Wildlife Viewing Guides
from Falcon Press (Globepequot Press):

• Defenders of Wildlife: