Port Orford inlet, Red Fish Rocks and China Mountain on a rainy January Day

Port Orford looking at the Red Fish Rocks towards Rocky point and Humbug Mountain on a very rainy and stormy January morning

I have always liked David Lorenz Winston’s work and recently I caught up with his web site and saw that he had added a significant number of images than from my prior visit. Maybe it was because I had not visited for a while. Anyway, I must confess that I have become rather tired of the standard landscape image in vogue today, overly dramatic, overly photoshopped and overly saturated. Winton’s images have their own feel and mood to them. He is also a fellow Oregon photographer with a lot of images coming from some of the same territory, so I find it interesting how he treats some of the same areas I have shot in.

One of the things I like about what he does is make an effort to post an image almost every week. Mostly without comment, but an image to let people know that he is active and thinking. Maybe I will give that a try. I think I did.

Above is an image from Port Orford looking south east towards Rocky Point, the Red Fish Rocks, China Mountain and eventually Humbug Mountain. This is a VERY stormy, wet morning producing the nice layering of the hills in the background. I took this same image a number of years ago with film and I have been trying to take another capturing the same mood as my Velvia image.


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